Recruitment requirements

SSenior hardware Engineer: We need you to: 1. Responsible for the development and design of high-power car charger and DCDC; 2. Responsible for product feasibility assessment, circuit topology selection, component selection, PCB layout, production and debugging of r&d prototype; 3. Responsible for EMC design and thermal design rectification; 4. Responsible for product process and production feasibility assessment; 5. Responsible for solving technical problems in test, production and client. YYou need to: 1. Bachelor degree or above, major in electronics or related field, master's degree with more than 3 years or bachelor's degree with more than 5 years experience in power supply r&d and design; 2. Familiar with analog circuit, performance and usage of various common electronic devices; 3. Familiar with the design and debugging of switching power supply, and familiar with EMC and safety regulations; 4. Team player, self-motivated, able to complete tasks according to schedule and plan; 5. Educational requirements can be relaxed for those with excellent qualifications.

EEmbedded software Engineer: We need you to: 1. Responsible for requirement analysis, design, coding and debugging of software system; 2. Independently completed the software code and test work on time according to the project task plan; 3. Develop embedded software programs, that is, analyze requirements, design and create models, function and unit testing, and component integration; 4. Communicate with hardware engineers and other engineering technicians to realize and evaluate the interface between hardware and software; 5. Develop and debug vehicle-mounted communication function software, and optimize the software system; 6. Complete engineering, production, after-sale and other technical support work on time as required YYou need to: 1. Bachelor degree or above, electrical engineering, computer engineering, computer science or related; 2. Proficient in the use of development tools, familiar with C language or C++, familiar with software engineering specifications, embedded programming experience, software development experience; 3. I am curious about design engineering and have the ability to learn quickly and adapt to projects. 4. Give priority to those who are currently using software related to embedded system and maintain a strong interest in it; 5. Understand the communication principle, mechanism and program development of CAN bus 6. Experience in industrial bus product development (CAN, Modbus, Ethernet, etc.) is preferred; experience in embedded real-time operating system development is preferred. 7. This position requires working experience, experience in power product software development is preferred.


YYou are welcome to send your resume to the following email address:   We will have the first time to contact you! Thank you very much!

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